Saturday, November 7, 2009

Generation Chatter: Platinum Bunny Multimedia’s Reorganization

Time is more valuable than money. One can acquire additional money. One cannot acquire additional time. Since Platinum Bunny Multimedia’s inception, I have enhanced my portfolio with exciting and intensive, yet unanticipated projects. Culture Popped, Googling Atlee Hammaker, and Gossip CBUS’ requirements conflict with these projects and therefore compromise must occur.

Generation Chatter , via a one hour weekday webcast and my twitter, will unite Culture Popped’s expansive opinion, Googling Atlee Hammaker’s expeditious comedy, and Gossip CBUS’ social and special event coverage. My twitter account, which averages over fifty tweets per day, has been operational since earlier this month. Generation Chatter’s initial webcast will occur on Monday.

In our modern online environment, one must remain nimble and properly allocate every moment. While Culture Popped, Googling Atlee Hammaker, and Gossip CBUS archives will remain available, their practical existence has concluded. Generation Chatter and my twitter will serve as my public method of communication. This announcement and decision will continue my current interests and permit supplementary projects.

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Today’s Entrance Music

Sweet Southern Comfort

Since 1902, Alabama and LSU have enthralled six cotton and creole cities. Their rivalry’s passion and splendor accentuate the obvious. College football is special. SEC football is spectacular.

Contributor: Platinum Smalls